New heights for tank jacking!

Brockman Engineering has set new heights for tank jacking.

The specialists inbulk storage tank design, fabrication, construction, repair and maintenance regularly jack - or lift - tanks to allow access underneath for inspection and repairs and reconstruction of the foundations.

On a recent project, Brockman’s specialists lifted 400tonnes of steel, three metres off the ground.

“We use innovative and reliable methods which allowed us to lift the tank to a level plane which reduced local stresses and the likelihood of the tank shell buckling.” Said general Manager Chris Bishop.

“Many of our clients find themselves in situations where their tank may have sunk below the ground, or the tanks need to be raised for a different reason… our team will evaluate the problem and design a solution to best fit the specific needs of the project.”

Brockman Engineering’s tank jacking expertise have been put in action to allow for a variety of maintenance and repair works including new foundations, new walls, removing and replacing an existing floor, excavating fill material, installing a new liner, cathodic protection, new fill material, and new tank bottoms.