We Specialise in maintenance and repairs of Bulk Steel Storage tanks to the API653 standard used widely in the Fuel, Chemical and Water industries.

Our innovative methods for effecting repairs on corrosion-damaged and mechanical-damaged tanks allow for minimum downtime. Cost effective solutions are individually developed for each client and tank application.

Maintenance inspections at ten yearly intervals benefit the long-term serviceability of the tank allowing programmed repairs and maintenance to be cost effectively programmed and delivered.

Tank lifting using specialist automated jacking systems allows repairs to be completed in a safe and efficient manner. Tank lifting allows foundation repair, product conversion, and floor replacement.

Utilising specialist automated equipment and facilities our team of highly skilled engineers consistently deliver quality repairs and maintenance in a safety-first working environment.

Tank capacities regularly delivered range from 1ML to 100ML for water, condensate, diesel, crude, bitumen, fuels and acid product storage.

Our tank maintenance and repair routines include:
  • Floor and annular replacement
  • Product and use conversion, floor cone up to cone down
  • Tank jacking
  • Strake and wall plate replacement
  • Tank roof replacement
  • Tank liner and seal replacement
  • Nozzle addition and replacement
  • Tank stairways and access pathways