Specialist Mechanical Engineering Contractors

Why us

Since 1922, the world’s biggest oil, gas and water companies have relied on Brockman Engineering for providing dependable, innovative and personalised bulk storage, piping, structural and mechanical engineering solutions of the highest quality, delivered safely to each projects unique needs and schedules.

Our innovative engineering, manufacturing and construction allow us to provide a single-source solution for all storage tank and pipework needs across a vast array of industries including water, oil distribution, gas exploration, mining and chemical.

We deliver utilising the latest technologically automated welding and tank jacking equipment, improving consistency of quality and a safe working environment for our site staff. Brockman has recently invested in the latest technology equipment comprising:

  • Automated tank vertical welders
  • Automated tank girth welders
  • Automated plate cutting equipment
  • Automated tank floor to shell welding equipment
  • Cantilevered tank working platforms
  • Hydraulic tank jacking systems

We are proud to combine our traditional history and reputation for service and quality with the future innovation of the latest technologically automated equipment, to be one of the oldest and best bulk storage and pressure pipework companies in Australia.

Our People

Our highly trained team have an impeccable safety track record and reputation for reliability, strength, quality, technical excellence, innovation and professionalism and our approach to creating world-class, value for money, tailored solutions offers maximum benefits to our clients.

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Our Facilities

We utilise leading edge technology in our fabrication facility, located in Norlane Victoria. The workshop area is 3764Sqm, on a site area of 16,900Sqm and houses specialist equipment for the prefabrication, rolling, pressing, welding, surface preparation and painting of steel for bulk storage facilities or pressure pipework.